Software Development Costs: How to Estimate and Reduce


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Software developers in this region are from Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and Slovakia. And any application with more than 40 screens is considered a large-size software. But when you’re looking to invest in a bespoke software, there’s always the question of getting a better ROI than paying for anoff-the-shelfsolution. In an ideal world, migration would be as simple as copying the data to the new software, and everything would run perfectly. For example, they might want a mobile app to access their customer’s account information. That’s because older systems tend to be incompatible with modern software.

Indian software development companies are known for delivering one of the most cost-efficient outsourcing of web development processes. Every year, more than 1.5M IT specialists graduate from the country’s tech universities. The development team size can directly impact the cost of software development. Typically, a development team needs at least three key roles – a developer, a project manager, and a QA tester – to perform various tasks. The hourly rate of the developers will also play a role in the overall cost and can vary depending on their location. Another aspect affecting software development cost is the choice between native and cross-platform mobile apps.

Hidden Cost 2. Maintenance Cost

The number of standalone apps that do not require any integration and strictly define the device type is decreasing every day. And although these types of apps are much cheaper, most commercially successful apps require integration with multiple third-party services. Based in Ukraine and operating for over seven years,our team comprises highly educated professionals committed to their projects. Every team member has at least a B2 English level and a bachelor’s or master’s degree in IT, computer science, or a related technical field. Often, paying a higher price gets you more experienced and talented developers who know what they’re worth. Despite this fact, the Australian software development industry still demonstrates impressive results.

software development prices

You respond to their message and wait 12 hours for their response. This process continues, and a problem that should have taken a few minutes to define and fix has now taken days. Multiply this dynamic across the hundreds of problems that arise on most development projects, and it’s easy to see how delays are common when working with offshore teams.

Type of Software Project

However, this approach is not suitable for growing businesses and startups. Poor quality is probably the main drawback of cheaper offshore development. Combined with the lack of understanding and communication, cultural barriers and distance; serious damage can be inflicted on your business. If you are looking for software development prices good quality service, a reasonable price for IT services here would be closer to $100 per hour. This is one of the most significant drawbacks of on-shore outsourcing. Among the other pitfalls worth mentioning is the limited talent pool resulting from growing the talent shortage in some developed countries .

software development prices

8 out of 10 are Northern, Central, and Western European countries. The overall high level of living standards and advanced economies keep the average software development rates high . However, small software development companies and boutique agencies also have high rates in many cases. They say that the reasons for that are developing a personal approach to each client and needing more time for development than big companies. Global and large software development companies regularly offer better salaries and work conditions. Therefore, they have higher rates as they need to cover these expenses.

Development Team size (As per project)

As a result, you should look for a team with at least an intermediate level of English. Belarus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Ukraine were named the world’s top technology countries inCoursera’s Global Skills Index 2020. Ukraine, in particular, has some of the world’s best developers, ranking 11th in the world according toHackerRank.

  • After all, businesses are meant to be profitable, and the cost of building a piece of software or app needs to be reasonable.
  • Our team facilitated the selling process by integrating the broadcasting feature, messaging, feed, payments, and product landings.
  • Each of these types has a different software development team composition and requires a different amount of effort and development time.
  • You can choose from around285,000IT professionals with various skill sets, levels of expertise, and years of experience.
  • While in countries such as Slovenia, Greece, and Croatia, the cost of bespoke software development ranges from $41 – $50.

View projects implemented using this backend javascript framework for web apps. A JavaScript framework that allows rapid development of native Android and IOS apps. Our team is ready to explore your app idea and furnish you with a favorable cost. Although it may not sound like the most expensive item on the list, UI/UX design can be quite pricey. Especially nowadays, people have realized the potential of great UX and the wonders it can do for your app.

Average Developer Hourly Rate on Hiring Platforms in 2023

Software development rates constitute the first thing you can use to narrow down the search. Determine your desired budget for the project and look for countries and companies with corresponding hourly rates. You can also contact several of your top choice developers to request personalized estimates based on your project idea.

software development prices

So you can imagine that building a custom software package for every customer will include varying costs. Ultimately, it comes down to the people-hour and the technology stack involved in building the software. Based on our experience, the ballpark range of software development costs is between $50,000 to $250,000. The lower price tag fits a simple app that takes less than 700 hours to develop. If you’re building a multi-platform app with a server-side application, the fee is likely in 6 figures.

Step 2: Contact Your Software Development Partner

A custom software development project can cost between $5,000 to $1,000,000, or more, depending on the elements discussed above. If you want your new software to be enjoyed, you can’t ignore the user experience. Hence, UI/UX design is something you have to evaluate to determine the cost of custom software application development.

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